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July News Letter

I am adding this section to this months newsletter because you asked.
After Latoya Jackson spoke out about her brother's death last week,
many of you remembered the YouTube video I directed you toward and asked me where
you could find it again. I first shared the Michael Jackson YouTube video with all of you on my website
Two weeks before Michaels Jackson's death, I was sent this web address by a well-known music friend
of mine in Los Angeles. I had never heard Michael Jackson speak like this before and was impressed
that to go to the trouble of creating this, it was something he wanted everyone to see and hear. So,
I am passing it on to all of you and you are welcome to pass it on to others.



Hey people :-)
Hope you have been able to stay cool in all the heat we have been having this summer.
I have heard of the many wonderful vacations you have all taken and am happy that you
have been being good to yourselves and your families.
Although I have had many of your ask, this is not an official blue moon month.
The next time it occurs is August 2012.
There have been many questions about the moon because it does seem to be an emotional time.
This could be do to the Moon in Aquarius squaring Mars in Libra.
They are stopping traffic on the 405 in L.A. this weekend to build. It is actually a great time
to stop traffic because it is probably saving lives.


This is a very good time to focus within and look to things you want to accomplish and just haven't
done. These are things that can be happening on many levels from cleaning and organizing your
home or office to straightening things out legally or taxwise. It is a good time to not be afraid
to ask for help in some of these things. This also a good time to get to know people both personally and
in some business relations. Take stock of what you are now learning and move on it after mid-August.

I have noticed that of the people getting readings are looking very strongly into all of their
relationships and trying to find ways to make them work better and pay off for them both
personally in happiness and businesswise in more profits. It is always enjoyable to help
people who are trying hard to succeed do so.

Some of the energy we are all feeling is asking us to make future preparations as well as
look at things very close to our heart that are important to us and make plans to accomplish them
as soon as you can.

The weather is going to be very changeable the next year. Sometimes you may need to have
more supplies than you usually do. Take a good deep breath and as the saying goes,
"Get it done" :-)

Looking forward to working with you in office and by phone. Just call.



It is a good time to have extra information on things.
I am available as much as I can be for everyone now.
Just call for an appointment by phone or in the office.

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Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and
energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial
associations we all need now and the courage and strength to
find them.



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