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“Contact me! I am here for you”


For many reasons, I have taken a lot of time to find how
I can be there for you in a good way that works for you when I am needed.
While there are those of you who prefer to come to my office for your appointment,
many of you are thousands of miles away and that is impossible for you.
There are those of you who have very busy schedules and need to be able to get to me
sometimes by phone but wanted somehow to be able to see me as we worked.
There are those of you who told me that until the price of gas went down
(and I don’t blame you-I agree!) you wanted a way to work with me that saved your gas.
For all of the above reasons, and even more,
I spent a lot of time researching how we could communicate with each other by computer.

I have an earphone/mike headset as well as a camera
so we can talk and see each other at the same time.
This works not only for psychic readings but for hypnosis as well.
In fact, those of you who have tried it seem to really like it.
The only complaint I have had is that you miss Nick, my canine assistant.
Well, Nick, being as understanding and intelligent as he is,
has now been making sure to say hi to those of you that request him to by camera. 

Please take the time to download either “Skype” of “Yahoo” from the Internet.
They are both free and then using them is also free.
I have recently done work both in France and Saudi Arabia with no problems.
This also works very well in the United States. 

If this doesn’t work for you, …..NO PROBLEM.

Phone and office appointments are always available!!!!!!

Come on guys, it is easy, and fun and SAFE ;-))))

Look forward to working with you,

Lori King
 785 Tucker Rd. Ste. G599 
Tehachapi CA. 93561 
Phone 661 325-6104
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