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Nick And Lori's Pet Awards




 Nassau and Matt practicing guitar


Nassau and Matt at an energy vortex in Sedona


Nick and Lori's first Pet Award

The First Pet Award goes to Nassau, best friend
and companion of Matt Birskovich.

I met Nassau many years ago and have always been
impressed with his loyalty and dedication to his job.
As a seeing eye dog, I have seen Nassau guide Matt through
complicated traffic situations, in streets both city
and country that confused the people there but not Nassau,
and in restaurants and businesses with calm and assuredness
that came from his dedication to his duty and his love of Matt.

He was very intelligent and knew many hand signals
as well as listening to verbal direction. His immediate
knowledge of what was going on around him and what he
would need to do to keep Matt safe was always impressive.

The only problem that Nassau seemed always to encounter
was when he was out with Matt, many people would see him
and not only were they stuck with his physical beauty but they
also seemed to pick up on his beautiful spirit and love of life
and people. They would instinctively just go over and pet him
and sometimes be reduced to addressing him in baby talk.

Matt would nicely explain that he was on duty.
Nassau would smile at them. Nassau recently died of old age.
A while back, Matt told me that Nassau had been slowing
down and he was going to keep him and not return him to Seeing
Eye Dogs. Many people turn their dogs in be replaced in this situation.
Matt told me that he would be keeping him. "I will now guide
him and use a white cane when I walk him. He guided me for
many years. Now it's my turn to guide him."

One of my favorite memories of Nassau was his smile.
I loved the smile he had whenever he saw Matt and I felt happy
that he would smile at me, too. When he was not on duty, he loved
to play, jump, get hugs and play tricks with that same smile.
A specially favorite memory of Nassau is when we went to find my
daughter a car to buy. We, of course, took our friend Matt
along because he was such a help in always figuring out
percentages and payments and we deferred to his better math ability.
When we got there, Matt and Nassau got out of the car and Matt told
me to point him and Nassau in the direction of the car salesman.
I did and as Matt approached the salesman he said "Hi! We are just
here for a test drive."

We all were not the only ones laughing, Nassau was, too!!

Nassau is very much missed by all those who knew
and loved him.

I was very happy to hear from Nassau recently.
He told me he was still going to watch over Matt in spirit.
That he would try to get a bark to Matt if he needed to be
aware of something. As always, Nassau always does
his job and takes care of who he loves. It feels good to
know that some are always there--like Nassau!

Much love Nassau and many thanks for everything
you always did for everyone and your continuing dedication!
All our Love,


Lori King

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