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Newsletter August 2008

Fall Special
From now on I will be creating an astrology chart
(just ask me) for all of you (hypnosis clients included) that will be mailed to you and then kept on file to be there when you have your consultations.




Hey Everybody J

I was waiting for the right time to write the next newsletter.
It is today!
I want to thank all of you who have taken the step of consultations
by computer and can now handle both the Skype and Yahoo free programs.

Do want to remind you that the next Mercury Retrograde is
September 24 through October 15.  So no legal paperwork or ceremonies
during that time period

 It’s been a busy, challenging, and sometimes dangerous July and beginning of August. We’ve had way too many fires in California, there have been earthquakes many places and it seems that there is so much going on and now politically as well as new war situations that the pressure is now showing up in people in their health aswell as in their personal and business relationships.

The best advice I have to say on this is how important it is for everyone to currently “Think Peace” and to continue “Thinking Peace”. This actually will help things around you and hopefully the world as well.

Those of you who live in the Western part of the United States have all been subjected to smoke, fire, and evacuation.  My heart went out to all of you who were evacuated as well as those of you who were threatened with it and the fear and unsettling it created.  I appreciated everyone who let me know when this was happening to them or their family or loved ones. 

 I was very happy to have the phone consultations by computer in place then because a lot of you didn’t have phone lines that worked but could get to a computer.  Some of you tried it for the first time. It was good to have this in place and I totally appreciate all the thank you's.

Although, I live in Tehachapi my office is in Bakersfield.  During this last time we had the “dishonor” of being the dirtiest city in the nation.  During the worst of the smoke, one of my clients got to my parking lot and then got out and almost fainted.  We got her fixed and then I cancelled all appointments in the office for the rest of the week and went to phone consultations. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING THE SMOKE PROBLEM WE WERE FACING AND WORKING WITH IT!!!

Just as there was a lot of cleanup with the fire, many of us had big repairs in our homes and offices.

I spent a lot of that time helping to repair relationships and work situations. It was the general astrological prediction of problems and fixing them .(Many fires that had to be put out both physically and personally)

So, fires, earthquakes, banks facing possible shut downs, Russia and Georgia going to military actions, and we still haven’t made it through elections.  Good news is you are still here and made it through the challenges if you are reading this.

On August 1, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus were all in Leo.
This had a lot of people’s egos up and some were ready for a fight and some wanteda big competition.  Except for sports this is NOT the time for a showdown.  Actually, sports competition is one of the best things to do now .   Scheduling the Olympics for now was semi-brilliant and I am assuming there were Chinese astrologers helping.

To the few months ahead, it is still important to keep stores of water and food at the
ready. Please remember pets and animals as well as family.   Some people are now
making sure they have a cash reserve they can also get to.  

While it would NOT be a good time to settle things now, September 1 and September 2
have multiple planets in Virgo and Libra.  Great time for negotiations involving contracts. Okay, so we still have more fires and earthquakes coming.  Earthquakes can also be political and business as well as just shaking the earth.  Please remember that everything is always changing and that there is good luck as well as bad in changes.  I am wishing you all will be having good changes.

Things look sometimes dangerous for politicians until February. Wishing they continually are given good security.

Because I know the amount of change that will be going on, I am creating more hours
to clients in the upcoming months and being available for you. 


Wising you Love, Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity,



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Lori King

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