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Newsletter May 2008


I want to thank those of you who e-mailed me when you couldnít get through to my website.


Talk about a typical Mercury in Retrograde communications problem!
My web host server in Virginia had a big thunderstorm with beaucoup
lightening and the server was down for basically five days.
This newsletter is coming to you late because I wanted to make sure everything
was back up and ready to go.

A super big thank you to my Webmaster,  Lu Stephens at http://wingswest.net,
for getting me through this as well as getting everything back up and running.

There is a place at the top of the Home page where you can download
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7
if you do not already have it as well as Sun Java version 6.
If you are having a problem getting to the website---Click on the above hyperlinks right now!


Okay,  people, we are in Mercury in Retrograde and there is more on this later in the newsletter.
So no big decisions right now!  Details later on in this newsletter.

It has been quite an eventful time in the world with what have been
many earth changes that have already happened and there seem
to be even more ahead.  The situations  in China and Myanmar
have been catastrophic.  There have been other earthquakes and
tornadoes and cyclones and wildfires here in the United States.
These things have hit many people on many levels.

They hit our humanitarian compassion center and they hit our fear center. 

One of the best things I have seen come out of all this is the immediate
prayers and acts of giving many people automatically have turned to. 

I have clients who sent aid in the form of money when they could and
I even had one client who bought and took supplies to the firefighters in
Santa Cruz because that was how she had found a way to help.
Whatever you can think of to help is already a help in just the thought
but to add a correct action to that is even better.
I am very proud how  many of you have done these things for others.
Even the small kindness of a glass of water in a heat wave can be
something very appreciated and sometimes even lifesaving.

Hopefully these things also are now working  on our positive action mode.
That means that by now you have decided what you can do to
help the tragic situations  that have happened and what you need to do to
make your home and family safer.

The next few months seem to contain more.   Please also make sure
that besides insurance,  you have adequate water, food, and emergency
supplies (in my case that includes the animals, too) as well as keeping
the gas tank full in your car.  I know for many of you this is something
you have already done,  but some of you have not remembered to do it and
so  I am reminding you. 

Just as there have been upheavals with the earth, there have been
upheavals in everyoneís life.   Just as some people can no longer rely
on the foundations in their home,  the  foundations in their life from
romantic and family and even job and career related situations are no
longer stable and need to be adjusted or rebuilt. 

With Mercury in Retrograde as well as Pluto in retrograde it is not a time to initiate anything,
but it is a time to rework situations you are already in so they become more beneficial to you.

As promised
I usually double warn you about Mercury in Retrograde.
This one started officially May 26th and ends June 19th.  For those of you
who are not familiar with it, itís an astrological aspect that does have
many effects.  It is fine to reorganize,  clean, update files, as well as
contact and enjoy friends and family members.  In fact it is a very good
time to contact those you havenít communicated with in a while.

What you donít do is start a new project, a new job, have a ceremony
for something new,  sign a contract, sign a financial agreement,  or begin
a new business.  Realize that travel and communications become
difficult and need more preplanning as well as you being in defensive
mode especially while driving in a car.  (Everybody else is having problems, too.)

On the other hand,   donít end a relationship or partnership,  take something to court
for the  first time,  or move your residence or business because
those actions donít seem to hold or stay broken.
Because I realize this is a tough time for everyone,   I am making myself
available more hours during this time period.    Do not feel badly if
you need to call during what you think are not regular hours.  Right
now I donít have regular hours and donít expect to until about a week
after Mercury is  out of Retrograde and has gone Direct for a week or so.

Once again, if you have any problem getting to the website or it working


Wising you Love, Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity,



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Lori King


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