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A Personal Message From Lori

For many years there has been the family business attorney, accountant, doctor,  but now many people include the Family and Business Psychic Consultant as part of their support and information system.  I'm always happy to work with individuals, groups and corporations who are success and goal oriented.  My favorite clients are the people who like to work on their lives and careers and move forward in positive directions.

I was born a multidimensional psychic.  This means that psychic information comes to me through seeing, hearing and sensing.  As a professional psychic for over twenty five years, it has been my mission to help clients through personal, business and spiritual situations while creating more success and understanding in their lives.  Questions from finding one's life mission to finding a soul mate are part of a reading.

My consultations provide a way for you becoming more aware of your talents, situations, people, and places that can work best for you through interpreting the energy fields around you.  Psychic information should be used in coordination with other facts, figures and opinions in order to help you arrive at your own best decisions.

It has been said that a psychic's job is to draw the map,
but it's up to you to take the trip!


My Personal History

I am often asked when did I realize I was psychic.
I have always remembered seeing things, the future, and also spirits of those who had passed.

My surprise was going to kindergarten and realizing that the students there didn't seem to be able to do this.  My kindergarten teacher, Miss Neill, was a very wise and also intuitive teacher.  She told me that it was true I was actually perceiving things some of my classmates didn't.  She said that was a talent I had.  That other people had other talents.  Some of them could run faster, or use their art talent better, or maybe they spoke foreign languages.  That all talents are special and should be developed.  That God was hoping we all did good things with the talents he had given us.  That everyone had special talents that should be respected and hopefully developed. 

When I am working with clients, I many times remember Miss Neill and what she said and try to help my clients develop their own talents as well as their awareness.  I was fortunate in that when I was growing up, our backdoor neighbor was a Cherokee Medicine Woman.  She started a more formal training of me reading cards.  I have always been glad that I was first taught with playing cards because I find them to be more detailed for use in complicated situations.  I started reading others at age 12.

By the time I was 15, I went professional.  I found that charging for readings had two advantages. 

1) It really helped my schedule and time.  Some people thought they  shouldn't have to pay for my time so that really freed up my schedule :-)  I was told that to do something without a proper exchange of time or being paid for my time would create a karmic debt to me from others.  Free readings would do that.  My mentors were good and taught me not to create karmic debt in others.

2) I found almost immediately that people seemed to pay more attention for information that they were paying for.  When I told my father this, he laughed and told me, "Free advice is sometimes worth what someone pays for it."

I started reading Tarot cards in high school as they are now made today.  It was very difficult at first because each card has at least 15 meanings and there are also many spreads and layouts.  I have done a lot of study and investigation of their history.  It is very interesting to me how they changed from the original deck to the many we have now due to countries, politics, and even fads and fashions.  I now have a collection of over 50 tarot decks and I am sure I have missed many.

To answer the question I am always asked, my favorites are the Rider Waite, Morgan Greer, and of course, the Native American Tarot.  I also find these decks very good to learn on and what I like to use when teaching.

When I went to college in San Francisco, I had a very good friend who was an astrologer.  He continually told me that while I was a very good card reader, my best talent was crystal ball.  I pretty much ignored him until a client of mine bought me a crystal ball.  The astrologer told me how to meditate with it to begin seeing things.  At first I was very discouraged because I didn't see anything.  It took six months of meditating 30 minutes three times a day before I started seeing things.  From that point on, there has always been a crystal ball on my reading table with my cards and that crystal ball seems to show up in my dreams. 

To answer the next question I always seem to be asked, I always have a pure crystal ball from the legendary family in Austria at this point in my career.  I tell beginners that they can always begin with a pure crystal wine glass of pure water.  That works just fine, too.

It was while I was attending SF State that I participated in serious academic testing of my psychic abilities.  It was done at the time with biofeedback.  Since then, I always make a point to do television, radio and predictions on media.  I feel it is important to be able to have predictions verified.  I personally feel it is very important to let others see that psychic intuition is something that works.  Almost everyone can develop their own psychic talent.  Just like music, it really is how much you practice !!! and to find good teachers :-)))


Lori King


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