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Nikolai Scorchenski Balenonkov

 Also known as "Nick"

Many of you who have come to the office have met Nick, sometimes known more formally by the name given him from his first family (the Whitelocks) of Nikolai Scorchenski Balenonkov.

Some of you know that he is not only someone we consider a member of the family  and a Service Animal to me but is also a gifted psychic. In his own right.

First Chapter of Adventures with Nikolai Scorchenski Balenonkov

This is a picture of Nick when I first met him


After my Native American teacher Grandfather Wallace Black Elk died, he showed  up in my kitchen in spirit. I told him how great he looked and how happy I was to see him.  He looked around and was upset because he couldn't see my hybrid wolf (part husky/part wolf) Tule.  He was attached to her since he came to my place after we got it to have a sweat lodge to bless our land.  I told him, "I am sorry, Grandfather. She got very, very old and died."

He said, "But Lori, you need a wolf.  I will see to it."  He then smiled and raised his arm and disappeared.  I just smiled to myself and said "I am REALLY waiting for this".

The next morning, a friend of mine who has a legal wolf preserve called me about a part wolf that needed a home.  He was a husky mix.  She could only take full wolves legally.  She thought he would do well with me.  I can't have a full wolf--besides the legalities, they eat cats!  They can't help it.  It is who they are.  I have cats and husky  mixes don't eat them!!

My friend said there had been a death of the animal's owner and the family couldn't keep him.  The oldest son and his wife e-mailed me pictures of Nick.  He was gorgeous and I was glad to hear that this husky mix was known to get along with cats and children.  We agreed that I would travel to Frazier Park the next morning to meet him.

I love animals but I only have animals on the property that are telepathic. That way we all get along great.  So, I sent Nick, who I had never met in person, a telepathic test.  I told him, "Nick, I am coming to meet you in Frazier Park tomorrow.  I will meet you at "Joe's"  Joe was the oldest son of the man who had died and had rescued Nick and then given him to his Father.  When I got to Joe's place, he came out on the front porch and was smiling and said, "Guess what happened.  Nick got up in the middle of the night and tunneled under my mother's yard and into the neighbor's and arrived here at 5 this morning!"  I went over to meet him and thought to myself, "He is wonderful and this is going to work really great."


Psychic, dog helps solve cold case

Last Update: 8/02/2007 7:10 pm

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Posted 8/2/07
BAKERSFIELD - It seems these days psychics are the rage, like with NBC’s hit show “Medium” and world-renowned psychic Sylvia Browne.

The predictions mostly involve humans, but what about cases involving animals? 17 News worked with local detectives to open some animal cold cases.

When it comes to psychics, many think it’s smoke and mirrors, while others want to believe in psychics’ abilities to communicate with the other side, especially when it comes to their beloved pets.

A telepathic team of a self-proclaimed psychic named Lori King and her clairvoyant dog “Nick” were hot on the trail of a stolen pony named “Thomas.”

In January, the kidnapping of the California Living Museum’s pony rocked staff members. With Thomas still missing, CALM staff was asked if King and Nick could help with the investigation.

“We're going to do whatever we can to get our boy back,” said CALM Manager Lana Fain. “Thomas needs to be here. He belongs here.”

King is not an official detective, and Nick has no special training, either, but rather a sixth sense.

Detectives have used the dynamic duo in the past to help solve cases.

"When they bring in someone that's not directly involved in the investigation and look at it with certain types of skills like this, they may have insights,” said the detective. “Something we have missed.”

King has looked at a number of animal cold cases, but Thomas the missing CALM pony was the only animal still alive, and she had strong feelings Thomas would be found.

A key of a different nature named “Sophie” was in the same pen as Thomas when the pony was stolen, and according to King, Sophie the donkey witnessed his abduction.

King and Nick communicated with Sophie.

“I’m hearing there were two tall people,” King said. “They had someone in a vehicle behind here … that actually somehow crossed, and they came around that way.”

Some may be “doubting Thomas,” but an undercover Sheriff’s investigator takes the intuitive pair seriously, and because he works undercover, he is not shown in video.

“There were some indications she was able to identify with what we had found during our initial investigation,” the detective said. “Some of the locations, how they came into the area, how they left the area [that she couldn't have known]. None of that was out."

King said Nick picks up on more than scent with a sniff. She said the dog sensed people who took Thomas had actually visited him at CALM before his abduction.

The motive for Thomas’ abduction—King said a child saw Thomas and wanted to own him.

“She says there is a small child of theirs that became very attached to Thomas," she said. "They had really planned this, and they had someone in the car."

That observance may not be so mind-boggling in veracity.

“One of things that I picked right away is that there was, in fact, a child that had been seen with what they believe to be Thomas,” the detective said.

More over, King said she and Nick sense where Thomas is located.

“Interesting thing is I pick up Frazier Park ... that was one of the stops,” she said.

Detectives said they had sightings in Frazier Park and Hillcrest Shopping Center.

“One person positively identified Thomas from a photo, and she was certain,” said the detective. “When she tried to approach ... they covered the animal with a blanket ... Last seen leaving in a southerly direction from the shopping center.”

So is the clairvoyant couple hot on Thomas’ trail, or are their theories running cold?

"Some of the things that happened today, some of the things she knew … no one else knew except for the detectives and staff, and she knew them," Fain said.

"I’m going at it with an open mind,” the detective said. “If we can get it ... mainly in the Thomas case ... if can get him back ... it kind of matched up ... and every little bit helps.”

With King’s help, CALM and the detectives are working on a new idea to bring Thomas home. That cannot be discussed, but 17 News will keep you updated on results.


Lori King

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