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About Hypnotherapy


About 15 years ago I became very frustrated with one of my psychic clients.  He had been having the exact same BAD relationship with thirteen women and had just had his thirteenth breakup.  It hit me that there just had to be a way to fix this.  He was a nice guy who for some reason let his unconscious take him to bad understandings and wrong actions and consequently bad results for everyone.  (After hypnotherapy he has now been happily married for 10 years :-)

About the same time,  I had a lot of clients wanting me to do past life readings for them.  I kept thinking that although I could perceive their past lives and tell them what I perceived, I felt it would mean a lot more to them if they could see this themselves.  That truly knowing themselves and what had happened in a past life would help them deal with any way it was now influencing their current life.  So, I investigated where a good school founded by the great Dr. Kaplan was and started attending many seminars and classes.  I found out it was an ongoing study and am now going for my Doctorate.  I am currently a certified and registered Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy #5722.

Over the years, it has been a real joy to be able to help people overcome things that have been a problem in their life.  The results have been very gratifying and whether it is from nail biting to passing the Bar or CPA test or MFCC or even driver's test to increasing sales to learning not to yell at their wife or being able to get on a plane, I am always happy to help someone who wants to make a change.

I have a special program for Non-Smoking that I am happy to be able to offer those who are personally ready to quit.  It took three years to develop it but I am always thrilled to see the results of those who seriously follow the program.

The type of hypnosis I do is specifically created for each individual.  Your first session is a long personal history.  Each session is created just for you. I use the information from the first session and include anything that has come up since the last session that may be of importance and need to be included.  Hypnotherapy sessions are recorded at specific points and that recording goes home with you.  Clients having the ability to play your recordings on their your own time is an important part of your therapy.  It also seems to feel good to my clients that the recording is available to them whenever they need it.

I have been working on the ability to see and talk to hypnosis clients by phone and by computer.  I have a headset with mike that enables me to do this for those of you that also have a computer with headset and mike.  The "Skype" program is now available for free from the Internet and people who both have this downloaded can now talk to each other for free.  "Yahoo" also has talk and video situations available and I have a phone number available with them also.

I added this to my services because I wanted to be more available to my hypnosis clients when they needed me.  I am hoping it is something we will be able to use together.

Hypnotherapy is a way of helping individuals let go of their fears, negativities or sometimes mental blocks and start reaching their goals and desires in life.  Hypnosis can't make you do anything you really don't want to do - but it can assist you in reaching your goals and maximizing your personal potential.

I find it deeply satisfying to see people go through the changes that allow them to tap into their own inner strengths and powers, allowing them to become their best self.

Hypnotism can be used in conjunction with other programs such as helping in the treatment of addictions, dependencies, phobias and even childbirth.  Hypnotism is also an essential tool in regression therapy.

I have and continue to work with corporations to help achieve increased productivity, writers or artists to release temporary creative blocks and even those who are simply seeking a way to improve their life's outlook and rid themselves of unnecessary tension.

Whatever your special need are, or if you have any questions about hypnotherapy and how it may benefit you personally - please feel free to discuss what hypnotherapy can do for you.


Facts About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is NOT dangerous. The myth of being under control of the hypnotist has caused much fear.  The truth is, a subject can choose whether or not to respond to suggestions, and is always capable of bringing themselves out of a hypnotic state at any time.

Hypnosis is natural and need not be feared.  Daydreaming is a very relaxed and pleasant state where you concentrate on something from your subconscious.  It is a form of self hypnosis.  Being in a state of hypnosis is as natural as sleeping and breathing.

You wouldn't do anything while under hypnosis that you wouldn't normally do.  Everyone has seen hypnotists who have their subjects do funny things on stage.  The key factor in this is that all of those people are volunteers ready and willing to be on stage.

Everyone can be hypnotized.  However some people are more suggestible than others.  Individuals under three years of age, someone who is suffering from severe brain damage or those who simply refuse to permit themselves are the only ones who cannot reach a 'formal' hypnotic state.

You are not asleep while in a hypnotic state.  You are awake and aware.  You can speak, hear, laugh, move and remember all that goes on.  Your mind and thoughts are still in your control.

Meditation, prayer, yoga, biofeedback and daydreaming are similar to hypnosis.  The hypnosis process is much like the deeply relaxing state of sleep.  It is a concentrated relaxed state of the mind and body that feels good. One hour of a hypnotic state equals three hours of a restful sleep because of the suggested time distortion and the relaxing.

Hypnotic response improves with the practice.  Sometimes people give up after only a few sessions feeling they are unsuitable subjects.  In reality the more you experience hypnosis, the better you will respond and will often not recognize that hypnosis has occurred

You allow yourself to be hypnotized.  If you are distrustful, analytical or guarded you will render yourself unable to experience a hypnotic state.  You need only follow your Hypnotherapists directions and give yourself permission to experience your feelings.  IT'S UP TO YOU!


Did You Know Hypnosis Can Help You With...

-Smoking - Depression - Stress - Nail Biting - Alcohol Abuse -
-Compulsive Behaviors - Pain Control - Suicidal Feelings - Financial Distress -
-Sports Performance - Childbirth - Inner Child Healing - Creativity - Psoriasis -
-Headaches - Concentration - birth Trauma - Spiritual Cleansing -
-Relationship Problems - Multiple Personalities - Sleeping Disorders - Panic Attacks -
-Immune Enhancement - Improve Memory - Shyness - Higher Self Connection -
-Anxiety - Weight Loss - Sexual Trauma - Insomnia - Drug Abuse -
-Phobias - Childhood Trauma - Self Esteem - Self Sabotage - Study Habits -
-Pain Control - Past life Recall - Impotence - Emotional Trauma - Hysteria -
-Arthritis - Prosperity - Bad Luck Syndromes - Cancer - Nightmares -
-Under Achieving - Accident Trauma - Talent Development - Blood Pressure -
-Test Anxiety - Co-Dependency - Releasing Success Potentials - Removing Blocks -
-And Much More-


Lori King



Registered Certified Hypnotherapist

American Board Of Hypnotherapy #5722



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