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Newsletter October / November 2008

Dear Clients/Friends,
Don't worry so much about the elections.  It is going to Obama.
I have long ago decided not to be someone who supports any candidate.
I just happen to now have a thirty year history of having been correct
with the political predictions I do make.  I think that  people knowing
that psychic information is available and reliable is very important and when
they can see predictions in black and white that come true it gives irrefutable
proof that it is something that actually works and that they can use.
Nothing like having it in black and white before the event!!!!
I personally wish that the money spent on elections and candidates
could have been spent on those who really are in need.
Thank goodness we are to the end of the last Mercury in Retrograde!!!
It was very bad not only to businesses, governments, the economy, but
also personal relationships and health situations. I have heard also how many
internet, computer, and phone situations were also affected.  Uranus and Neptune
are currrently in retrograde which means surprising situations at what we had considered
were set things in our lives. This has affected everything from mortgages to high finance to relationships we felt were stablein our lives.
The one good thing about all the financial problems of the U.S., as well as
the world,  is that because of when they occurred they will not be lasting
situations.  To take a different look at this situation, I consulted the I Ching.  It said that
right now the Inferior men were in power (take that Wall Street and bankers and government)  but that the Superior men would return. Superior men will be more in power
 in March and April of 2009.
What I have been very busy and working very hard on is looking at individuals and finding their best way to get through these hard situatuions.  Because I did start telling people to think of not being so strongly invested in  stock market, money market, and mutual funds 3 years ago and that the only thing that still looked solid was gold,  I have had  many thank
yous from clients who followed this.  The point is to now look and see what could be most
helpful for individuals and companies to get through this next hard time.  Every person
has special money and career talents.  One of the things I truly love about being a
psychic and hypnotherapist is helping people find these things and manifesting them in their life.
Many personal thanks to so many of you who have kind words and prayers about my
mother who has been in hospital.  I am very grateful for the good medical help she is
receiving.   It has been very eye opening as to what is happening to elders in facilities.
Please, if you have friends or family in this situation, do not suppose that everything is being taken care of.  Please check on them continually and also their medical situation,
their meds, and ask questions of their doctors and caregivers.  The saddest thing I have seen in all of this is our elders who do not have family or friends or advocates checking
on them. Please do not be afraid to report situations that need investigating.
There are many underpaid and overworked  professional caregivers who have too much
for anyone to do and need support :-))
Through much of the hospital visits, Nick went with me.  For those of you who do not know about Nick, please check his web page on this site.
When Nick and I were in the emergency waiting room, he touched my knee and nose
motioned to a man going into the restroom.  I was surprised to see my  Uncle Andy,
my mother's brother.  He came out of the restroom and headed towards my mother's room.
I hurried to see him in the hall and, of course, he wasn't there :-))  He also has dementia
as well as my mother and is in a facility in another state. 
For a long time, I have been aware that many people with dementia are actually astral
traveling and not always  in their body throughout the day.  I checked with my mother and she said that her brother had been visiting.  I then checked with my cousin and she said that at the time I had seen my uncle it was the same time he had been taking a nap.  My mother and her brother have always been very close.  I was happy to learn that in spite of alzheimer's and being in different locations that they have found a way to still communicate and was very happy that even if he was not able to visit my mother physically, they  had found a way to visit each other  astrally and metaphysically.
Don't worry about the election.  Do look at what your talents and intelligence can help you create in your own life.

Wising you Love, Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity,



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Lori King

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