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May 2009 Newsletter

May Newsletter

Well, everyone Mercury Retrograde is coming up again.
May 7, 2009 and ending May 31, 2009.
This beings with Mercury in Gemini until the 14th when it
moves into Taurus. Mars and Venus are in Aries and Jupiter
is in Aquarius. So, at least people are on the move
and trying to get things done although it will be getting them
done slowly right now. Keep BIG PATIENCE with people and
situations. That will be your best success.

While you DO NOT want to begin anything new or sign any
major contracts or policies, it is a very good time to review
things like your résumé and go back and renew career contacts.
It is also a very good time to contact friends you haven't
been in touch with recently.

Staying open and friendly is your best course of success.

Jupiter in Aquarius is again reminding us to think of
others and that selfishness will not work now.

Still a very good time to organize, clean, and file things
or even create files you have been putting off creating.

A book you have always been meaning to read, a paper you
haven't written, that model you bought but haven't put
together are all good thins to do now. Scrap bookers
should be in their very beast energy now. Also a good time
to finish that biography you started or complete a diary.

The financial crisis is very hard and is hitting everyone
in different degrees. Let your old mind set and ideas you
had that defined and sometimes limited you be released and
let your mind open to new ways of thinking and doing things.

I have been very encouraged by those of you who are using
hypnosis to help you make the changes you want to in your life.

I am also very encouraged by those of you who are looking into
new ways of amassing details that can be useful to you through
psychic readings.

Keep your courage and adventure up. Help those around
you do the same thing.

Remember we can all get through this time together :-)))))))

Many of the hypnosis sessions I am now doing have to do
with getting people balanced so that they can most easily
for them cope with everything. Things like fear and insecurities
are not the way to cope with success states mentally and
spiritually that will get everyone through.

Most of the psychic work I do for clients now deals with finding
the best for you in career, business, family and investing.

Good news is that hypnosis can be done by phone, computer,
or in the office and you will get a recording of it to help you keep better
outlooks, mindsets, and attract the right things for your life.

Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and
energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial
associations we all need now and the courage and strength to find them.




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