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March 2009 Newsletter

No FEAR ! No FEAR !! No FEAR !!!!!!!!!!!

This is the actual topic of this month's newsletter.
Please don't let the fear that seems to be running rampant
come into your psyche, spiritual self or environment!!!!!

I have been seeing large amounts of bad and greedy behavior
because of people's insecurities. Among my clients there have
been actual physical fights among families where law enforcement
had to be called with people that are usually peaceful and
loving. Good marriages where people have been together and
loving each other 20 to 50 years are breaking up for
no good reason--just misunderstanding due to fear.

Job situations also of 20 to 50 years in many businesses
have lost funding and/or sales so that they are forced to
downsize in ways because of the loyalty they had to their
business as well as their employees. Even though these decisions
are being made in many cases to save as much as possible in
situations, the pain involved in having to do it is very large.

My advice is to be as kind as you possibly can to everyone
without doing damage to yourself. Of course, remember
responsibilities also to family, friends, and animals.


Many of the hypnosis sessions I am now doing have to do
with getting people balanced so that they can most easily
for them cope with everything. Things like fear and insecurities
are not the way to cope with success states mentally and
spiritually that will get everyone through.

Most of the psychic work I do for clients now deals with finding
the best for you in career, business, family and investing.

Good news is that hypnosis can be done by phone, computer, or in the office and you will get a recording of it to help you keep better outlooks, mindsets, and attract the right things for your life.

Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial associations we all need now and the courage and strength to find them.




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Lori King

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