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May Newsletter


It has definitely been a challenging few months for everyone
and the world. To help how you are dealing with this and hopefully
put you in the right spirit/mind/soul level to enjoy this world >

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What A Wonderful World



This is the main message of this newsletter as expressed in words
and music by Louis Armstrong. I wanted to give you something to
help with this and so I am asking Lu, the webmaster, to include
Louis Armstrong's version of "What a Wonderful World"
so you can hear it and feel the healing it gives. Some of you know
I play trumpet. Most of my life Louis was a big hero to me. I love that
song so much it is the ring tone on my cell phone. It has definitely
helped me get through this last Mercury Retrograde. This
morning I heard that Sandra Bullock had named her new baby
Louis after him and said that was her favorite song, too.
So I think this song has been helping a lot of us and I hope
it will help you, too.

A while back my Yahoo account was hacked from what
I am told by investigators was a group of Nigerians who also
had ties to London. Many thanks to clients and friends for the heads
up almost immediately that let me get to my webmaster, Lu Stephens,
who was able to get my website and the e-mail address with it secured:


Because of this whole situation, I am now only using
the website e-mail of loriking@lorikingconsultations.com. Please
use this for all communications with me by e-mail. Phone numbers
661 325-6104 and 800 525-5674 are still the same.

The whole situation reminded me of a quote from the Tony Hillerman
"Coyote Waits" book--

"Coyote is always waiting and Coyote is always hungry".

I consider the hackers to be Coyotes.

I got e-mails out to everyone that morning letting everyone know
that I was not in London, had not been hacked, and no one needed to
send money. When Obama and Britney Spears got hacked at the same
time I figured at least I had company :-)) For all of you who checked with
me to make sure I was OK, I felt so supported it really touched me. You
told me that you were sure if I needed something I would call or come
by but never e-mail for that. Also you knew I wouldn't be in London
without Nick and that he wouldn't fly. Well, you all were right and you know
us very well.

I did learn a lot about PASSWORDS through this.
If you are not already doing this remember to use numbers,
symbols (#$%&*+ etc.) and a combination of capitol and
non-capitol letters. Also check your computers internet search
engines for things like "creating safe passwords".


Mercury finally goes direct May 11, 2010.
It still will have another week of what we call
"the storm". So still take extra care when traveling,
driving, or signing anything.

You are right. It was a tough retrograde but now it will
soon be through. We also had the tough aspect of Saturn in Libra
opposite Sun in Aries the last part of March and the first
part of April. A lot of erupting energy going on. Both emotionally
and even with the earth and the weather.

So this is now the time to repair what you need to from the
wind, rain, thunder, and snow storms as well as take time to
repair relationships that suffered recently.

I am spending more time at the phone and in the office these days.
So I am there if you need me and don't worry about the time when you
call. Because of everything going on, I am expanding my hours.


Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and
energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial
associations we all need now and the courage and strength to
find them.





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Lori King

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