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Happy Spring!!  Happy April !!! 2008

This is a wonderful time to review your situations in all aspects
Make the right changes
move forward in your life
Let go of the past and embrace your wonderful future!


I am going to try my best to get a newsletter out each month to everyone.
The last two months have been a lot of hard work and research in trying
to get the website up with most of what it needed as well as improving
communication and recording aspects with my clients.



I have been VERY happy for the help of my webmaster,
Lu Stephens, whose website is: http://www.wingswest.net/
His knowledge and patience has been incredible and daily appreciated.
 welcome to view the website and give me feedback

I have been also working on being able to better communicate with everyone.
I am still in my Bakersfield office 2 to 3 days a week if you want to have an appointment
in person.  Many of you did complain to me recently about your busy schedules and
how hard (and also costly with gas prices) it sometimes is  to get to the office.

                        WELL, NO LONGER A PROBLEM !!!!!! :-)))))))

I am very happy to now be able to offer you consultations, both psychic and hypnosis
by computer. This allows us to see as well as hear each other.
All it takes is your internet connection, a headset with mike and a camera connected
to your computer. They are already connected on mine.
You can download a free program from "Skype" that gives us free phone time as
well as there is also a program on "Yahoo" that I have a phone line for.
To encourage you all to try this, I am offering 25% off your first computer
consultation!!! Come on guys, it is easy, and fun and SAFE ;-))))

This makes not only psychic readings more personal than just phone
(no worries--just phone is still doable) but it lets me do hypnosis sessions and
be able to see how you are doing as you are hypnotized the same as I
do in the office.

I have also heard  your complaints that cassette recording of hypnosis
sessions are outdated and that you didn't even have a cassette player.
I have done research and come up with a way to give you a cd recording
of your hypnosis sessions so that you can keep the right energy
going mentally between sessions.


It has been a hectic time for everyone and many changes happening
politically, financially, business wise and with associates and most especially
with loved ones and romance. The most important thing is to not let current
decisions be fear based. Get all the info you can and proceed on.
On April 2, Pluto goes into retrograde until September 9 when it will go direct.
This is a wonderful time to review your situations in all aspects
Make the right changes
Move forward in your life
Let go of the past and embrace your wonderful future.

M aking the right changes is so important right now!
That these words were chosen to follow you on my home
page with your own computer's cursor.


To make sure I got all of you the EXACT Mercury Retrograde times, I went to
a favorite reference of mine:

Encyclopedia of Astrology, Nicholas deVore, Philosophical Library, 1947


May 26, 9:48 AM MDT, Retrograde at
21 degrees 32 minutes Gemini
(The Rx effect, the storm, slowing, begins May 18.)

June 19, 8:31 AM MDT, Direct at 12 degrees 59 minutes Gemini
(The Rx effect, the storm, still slow, lasts through June 28.)

September 24, 1:17 AM MDT, Retrograde at 22 degrees 50 minutes Libra
(The Rx effect, the storm, slowing, begins September 17.)

October 15, 2:06 PM MDT, Direct at 7 degrees 34 minutes Libra.
(The Rx effect, the storm, still slow, lasts through Oct. 20.)


Many of you have expressed that you felt this aspect before and after the actual astrological
event.  You were right, it is felt by many with intuition.  The good thing to do is visit with
friends and family, play with the children and animals, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets,


remember to daydream :-)

and clean and organize and rest up.  No weddings, partnerships, or legal papers signed,

or business or physical moves that you want to last.  Don't bother to break up with

someone, that doesn't last either :-)))))))


To help you all get used to the computer readings and hypnosis by computer

the first time is 25% Off !!!! If you don't have a computer with headset, mike and camera,

it is fine to borrow one or even go to an internet cafe or the library to try it.


As Always,

Looking forward to working with you,

Wising you Love, Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity,



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Lori King


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