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April News Letter

I recently got a new camera and after I opened it I looked at Nick who was
behind me in the Jeep and asked him if I could take his picture.  He doesn't like
his picture to be taken usually and never if someone doesn't ask and have permission.
(It's hilarious to watch Nick and turn his back and maneuver to outsmart people
who try to take his picture without permission.)
He surprised me when he said "Yes!" and then posed.
I looked at the picture and got another surprise!
There has been much speculation about what is on this picture.
Everything from because Nick does have a connection to Guru Nityananda and so
that might be the famous "Blue Pearl" beside his head to that was the camera malfunctioning
and that was the moon  (No, because it wasn't out yet that night) to that it is
the clear physical expression of the spiritual energy of this amazing sentient being.
Would love to hear what you think it is.  Please e-mail me.

The current Mercury Retrograde started March 30th and is supposed to end April 23rd.
Current thinking is to put a week before and after to include the Mercury Retrograde Storm
when you are considering the Mercury Retrograde effect in your life.

This whole Mercury Retrograde has been in Aries and reinforces the spiritual progression
from Age of Pisces to the age of Aries for all of us. Mercury then aligning with Jupiter already
in Aries will help people get to better thinking about how to cooperate with others and people
will gain a better idea of who they really are.

Jupiter/Mercury connection that happens three times makes us aware of changes that need
to happen in our life. Some of these can be changes we didn't realize would be happening.

Point is to make these changes after April 23 and have them in place by May 11.


To all of you who have called (and even those of you
who didn't) and asked me "Is this the end of the world?"
No, everyone, IT ISN'T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it is a time when everyone needs to start thinking and acting differently.
We consciously need to start making decisions that are not based on selfishness while at the
same time keeping our ability to move forward in our lives with what we are supposed to be
doing. Many of the things we are meant to do now are harder than they were before to get
accomplished. Don't be afraid to ask for help both spiritually and of others when it is needed.

It is the end of doing things the old way and not thinking of others. That will no longer work.
If you go forward in right mind and spirit that is the right way to do things now.
Right help will show up when needed. Sometimes you have to be more aware to recognize it.

Hope you all have been doing your best while going through this last month or so and hope
there has been emotional support in helping you. The earthquake and tsunami and leaking
radiation were a major tragedy that hit many people in many ways. All of us seem to have had
some connection to this.

Many of you lost family, friends, and acquaintances. Even in U.S. we had actual losses from
reactions including bays and parts of Highway 1 in California falling. We have been faced with
bad weather to tornadoes and typhoons. I saw news today of deaths in the south from the
weather. I feel this is part of the earth adjusting to the orbit change we have experienced.
I feel it will be continuing over the next months.

I do agree that at this point the only way to safeguard things is to entomb nuclear facilities in a
combination of cement as happened in Chernobyl. Many experts have advised this. If they could
have gotten things cooled off before, would have been another story. But they didn't.
The point now is to provide as much protection as possible.

Second big point is I have heard from you who have been taken by con artists. I am including
everyone from those who have taken from $3,000 and up to restore your bad credit or refinance
your mortgage or keep you out of bankruptcy to those of you who thought you were "cursed"
and for an amount of money the curse would be lifted. Please be VERY careful of putting out
money to wrong people right now. Many of them are in financial trouble and creating fear in other
to try to benefit. I get calls every week from people talking about loans or new ways to sell things
or new internet scams.

Last week I turned down an offer of $10,000 from a woman who was very angry with me because
I told her she wasn't cursed and I wasn't going to create bad karma for me by taking money for
fixing something that wasn't there to begin with. I tried to explain to her that what a psychic
reading can do is look at ways to choose right actions for situations or ones that will work best for
someone. A psychic reading can help explain wrong actions or choices in the past that led to
things happening in the ways someone is now unhappy with the results of their own past decisions.

It was sad to me that this woman did not want to take responsibility for her own actions and instead
wanted to blame it on a "curse" that didn't even exist. I told her some people would be happy to hear
they aren't cursed!!

So, because so many people have too much fear, please don't buy into fear and throw money away
to fix it.

As always, I am still very happy to do readings that will help you look at good ways to handle things
as well as doing hypnosis that will help you go in and fix old habits and handling fears in a way that
will work better for you.

I am asking you to please find music that will help you heal from some of the shock and fear we have
all experienced. Check back because there will be a partial list up soon.

Please look at Nick's picture and what is around him. The good news is that each of you have that
around you also. It is just a matter of tuning in and using it. That is the message in Nick's picture.
He said that if he showed it to you maybe you would understand more. That is why he created it :-)

I seem to be doing more readings and hypnosis by Skype and Yahoo these days. Land line phone
still works, too :-) I am still in the office (more days now). Appointments are available for all of that.
Just contact me and we will find one for you :-)

Sending healing love to all of you.



It is a good time to have extra information on things.
I am available as much as I can be for everyone now.
Just call for an appointment by phone or in the office.

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Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and
energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial
associations we all need now and the courage and strength to
find them.


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