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September Newsletter

Well here we are in another Mercury Retrograde but hold your hats because
there are three other planets and one comet also in Retrograde.
Your Retrograde list
Mercury in Virgo Retrograde
Jupiter in Aries Retrograde
Uranus in Pisces Retrograde
Neptune in Aquarius Retrograde
Chiron the asteroid in Aquarius Retrograde

This puts a lateness on many things.
Mental confusion is all around but can sometimes be contained by list writing
and having things in black and white. Some long term relationships and
partnerships are on rocky ground but need to wait until Mercury is out of
Retrograde (September 12) before being dismantled. Remember no long term
contracts or marriages or career moves now. No signing of legal papers.
Historically these situations when done with Mercury in Retrograde do not last.

What Llewellyn says about Chiron
"Chiron" is an asteroid, a mythological figure, and a catalyst for that delicate
place you have deep inside that contains your most inner sense of being wounded.
Where Chiron is placed in your zodiac charts, according to sign, house, and aspect,
shows where you yourself are the most deeply wounded, usually in your childhood
and where you need the most healing.

A Chironic wound suggests a wound that no one, no doctor, counselor, faith healer,
or shaman can heal for you, but that optimally you must do for yourself.
How can you do this? Through searching and finding out where the wound is,
how you received it, and acknowledging it for yourself. That is the Chironic path
to inner healing."

With Chiron now in Aquarius the public is being asked to look at the issues
that are not working for us and what we need to do by healing them after
we do the work of realizing what may have initially started and created them.

With Chiron and Neptune both in Aquarius Retrograde, it makes sense that the
world was being asked to fix a problem that was created in the oceans and acknowledge
what started it so it could be healed.

So, you may want to find out where Chiron was when you were born to help
you fix what you need to in your life.

This is also prime time for things like earthquakes and volcanoes that
disrupt the earth's surface from deeper situations going on beneath the
earth's surface.

I have had many of you asking me about investments. Put them off a
few months at least if you can. Next year is more favorable.
Money markets and investment funds don't seem to be as stable as the
good old reliable gold is right now.

Where good progress can be made is with family and friends and
having more patience with everyone who is having a hard time
moving at their regular fast pace. Interestingly enough, many
of you are feeling tired from earthquakes. As a matter of fact,
I had an urge to take a nap in the middle of the day today. Later
I heard on the news that was when there was an earthquake

In a few months, more planets will be out of retrograde and
there will be more of a feeling of personal control and
things getting back to normal.

A few weeks ago there was a wildfire that was threatening the area
where we live. I was so touched by all of you that reached out and
offered help. You not only offered to have my animals stay with you
until we were out of danger, some of you even offered to pick us up
in your four wheelers to make sure we could evacuate. Fortunately,
the fire crews were really doing a great job and we thank all of them
for the incredible help they gave us.

The black smokes and the fire retardant was hard on us but we are
through that and all breathing much better now. The black smoke
did give Nick, my wolf hybrid, a real shock. He went out when we were in
the thickest of the black smoke to do his daily midnight howling.
He came running back in with a total look of horror on his face and said
"There is no moon!" I told him it was there. Just hidden in all the black
smoke. He ran back outside to check and then came back in and shook
his head and "No, there is no moon!!!" He got big hugs, Rescue Remedy,
and chicken to help him out of his shock. Poor baby had never had a night
before when he couldn't see the moon and howl. Now that the smoke is cleared
and he can see the moon at midnight he is feeling things are more back
to normal.

Things are so hectic now, I am making more time for phone readings and office
appointments. Just give me a call if you want to arrange something.


It is a good time to have extra information on things.
I am available as much as I can be for everyone now.
Just call for an appointment by phone or in the office.


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Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and
energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial
associations we all need now and the courage and strength to
find them.

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