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September 2009 Newsletter

September Newsletter 2009

Hope you all have found a way to stay out of the heat and the
smoke from the fires. It has been a difficult few months for
many people and we have lost very special people on the planet.
From Walter Cronkite to Michael Jackson, these were icons and legends
that meant a lot to the world and many felt personally attached to.
Many of my clients have also lost family members and friends.

There have also been some very uplifting things happening from
church situations to other spiritual holidays and leaders
visiting and giving teachings. Many of you have let me know
how much some of this helped you in this time.

Many Americans as well as others in the world had such a feeling
of trust for Walter Cronkite that it left them feeling like
they had lost a trusted friend who they could count on. It
does make us feel less grounded as we begin to understand that
there are many changes going on in the world and how we receive
news and the way we exchange information globally.

The good part of all of this is that with the massive internet
options available to all of us many more people are reporting
news and have more access to get it out to everyone. People
are now feeling more empowered to check things out on their
own and find new sources they can trust.

Many people still ask me about things changing in 2012.
Yes, that will be the end of the way the world was doing
things but it just means that there are new ways coming in
and yes the old ways will give way to new ways. I am a firm
believer in the Stevie Wonder tune "Everything Must Change".
The Bible also refers to "to everything there is a season".
Einstein also said "the only constant in the world is change".

(should be in script in larger font and the color red)
All I know is, every day when we wake up we should expect change to
be ongoing and be ready to embrace it in the right positive attitude
to make the best for ourselves and others.

Michael Jackson's death also hit many people very hard.
I automatically immediately did a birth chart for him and then
I progressed it to the point of death. It made me also research
others who had mysteries to their death. I am including both these
charts in this newsletter as well as astrological symbol meanings.
I am also including a "Youtube" clip that Michael Jackson did before
he died. A friend of mine in music in L.A. sent it to me a few
weeks before he died. I felt immediately when I saw it that he
was speaking from his heart and was obviously very upset and
wanted people to hear what he was saying.

Lu Stephens, who manages my website will find the best way to get this

The charts I will include will have my explanation of what I see
astrologically for the individuals that had questions in their deaths.

Time and again I saw that they were in altered states of awareness
that did not give them clear perception and that they were not surrounded
by good people who they could trust.

I hope all of you have some time to listen to some of the positive
songs and lyrics Michael Jackson put out and to accept the gift he
was trying very hard to get to people of love and hope. I felt it was
totally right and wonderful of Dr. Michael Beckwith's (one of the authors
of "The Secret") Agape International Spirit Center to hold the first
public memorial for Michael Jackson with Siedah Garrett singing the
song she wrote for him "The Man in the Mirror".

We have another Mercury in Retrograde coming up.

It is officially beginning:

September 6-7, 2009
12:45 am EDT (Sep 7)
9:45 pm PDT (Sep 6) 06:13 Libra

It officially ENDS

September 29, 2009
9:14 am EDT
6:14 am PDT 21:36 Virgo

Please be aware of the Mercury Retrograde storm that
begins approximately 10 days before and ends approximately
10 days later.

During this time period, try not to begin anything or
even end anything--point is they don't seem to hold.
Take extra care with travel and appointments.
Expect delays and people sometimes not showing up.

Is a good time to visit with old friends and say hello to those
you haven't seen in a while. Best things to be done while Mercury
is in Retrograde :-))

By the way, it is also a good time to get a reading if you haven't done it in
a while :-)))

Everybody please be very good to yourselves,
It is needed to handle the upcoming weeks.

Two weeks before Michaels Jackson's death, I was sent this web address by a well-known music
friend of mine in Los Angeles. I had never heard Michael Jackson speak like this before and was
impressed that to go to the trouble of creating this, it was something he wanted everyone to see
and hear. So, I am passing it on to all of you and you are welcome to pass it on to others.


Because there have been way too many deaths that have to do with with overdoses
both of pharmaceutical and over the counter meds, I decided to look into this the way
I do things--astrologically as well as psychically. I have lost friends and family as I am
sure many of you have. We are now not only facing young people who raid the medicine chest
at home and have parties but also some elders are being overmedicated. Many people go to
doctors and demand medication which they get.


Because I feel that the best ways to fight these problems is more awareness as well as right intervention,
I decided to check the birth and death dates of those who would be recognizable to you.
I started with finding Michael Jackson's birth and death info. I also found the same for
Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley. I am adding these charts below as well as a chart on what the
symbols mean. I used the death info as a progressed chart to the point of death of each of them.
What did seem to show up was Jupiter or Mars in either opposition or conjunction to the ascendant
(which is the planet on the horizon at that point).
In each case, it left the person in a position where they trusted others too much and were not
in enough control of what was going on to be able to direct what was being done to them or not
able to recognize what was being given to them clearly. Many times I see clients in the office
who are not given the side effects of medicines they are taking or even what they should not mix them with.

So what do we do? More information, peoples. Let's make sure we do research on whatever
we are taking and encourage all of our friends, relatives, and associates to do the same.
Let's keep everyone as informed as we can and keep them around as long as we can.
I am a firm believer that point of death should be left to God and the person involved.


Michael Jackson's Birth Chart                                             Progressed Chart of Death Time



Elvis Presley's Birth Chart                                                                Progressed Chart of Death Time



Jimi Hendrix's Birth Chart                                                        Progressed Chart of Death Time




Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and
energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial
associations we all need now and the courage and strength to find them.



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Lori King

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