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December Newsletter and Half Price Sale

First of all, I am wishing all of you Happy Holidays-
Whether you respond to Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka,or Have a Great Kwanza,
the greeting is for you and your family and friends that I wish you all your very
best season ever :-)

I know this has been a hard and scary time for many people because of the financial
crisis our country and the world is going through I am giving everyone a Half Price
Psychic Consultation or $100 off a Hypnosis Program. I have decided that the best
holiday present to all of you is to help your pocketbook and your financial outlook.

This Sale applies to you but also to a family member or friend or whoever
you choose to include in this sale.

To break it down financially,
Regular $75 1/2 hour FOR HOLIDAY SALE NOW $37.50
Regular $150 hour FOR HOLIDAY SALE NOW $75

4 Session Hypnosis Program regularly $300 FOR HOLIDAY SALE NOW $200
8 Session Hypnosis Program regularly $500 FOR HOLIDAY SALE NOW $400

I have heard from many of you about your concerns with your job and your savings
and where you have had your money invested and how very hard this has been on all of
you. I have heard the schock and disbelief you have felt with the leaders of industry,
large companies, and investment companies and share your feelings.

I do feel that after the swearing in of the presidency, there will start to be a slow
change to better times financially. In the meantime, it is important for everyone
to do an in depth search of all of their assets-- financially, all kind of career
possibilities, spiritual, religious and friends and contacts.

It is very important to stay as positive and clear minded as possible while taking
this personal inventory. Asking for help from good advisors is also a good idea.
One of the biggest things I do in the office right now is to help my clients do this
to be ready for the future. When this has been very hard, sometimes it is good
to add hypnosis to the mix to help you create your own personal best attitude and

For those of you that still have funds in money markets and the stock market,
really think if you can leave money there until at least summer when things should
be better. If not, please get a good financial advisor to help you get out of
these things in the best financial way for you.

I personally am only trusting gold at this point.

The good news is that times like this are when there are still good financial
opportunities for those who are creative and not afraid of hard work.
I know this applies to many of you !!!

I am a firm believer in that there are many things that help your mental attitude
and inner fortitude and what it takes to get through hard time.

Music is wonderful in helping you get to new mental strength, peace, and energy.
Great classical music from Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Ravel, and Rachmaninoff have
all been proven very helpful. Happy sounds of Reggae and Jazz are good. I know
I sometimes make sure I listen to Bob Marley when I know I have something I have
to get accomplished. I like Pharaoh Sanders "The Creator has a Master Plan" to
get spiritually stronger. I also like and have suggested to quite a few of you
Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy". I am seeing way too many of you
pre-worrying situations that haven't even occurred. Please use your time on not
worrying and staying happy as that is a much better and more positive way of using
your time.

Your environment is also a good thing to make as positive as possible right now.
I am a firm believer that it is very important to have things that smell good and
help uplift you. The oils, perfumes, cologne, and after shave you use are important
because they create the environment that goes with you wherever you go. If you already
have a favorite fragrance that seems to your sense of smell to be you, wear it to
help you. If you don't already have a signature scent that you feel is you,
by all means, do a research trip for yourself and go out and check different scents
until you find one that is you.

The air in your home, office, and even car is also important! Incense, oils,
and some sprays can also help with this. Sandalwood and Rose are scents that
for many people and religions seem to create positive energy. Some religions
feel that these scents keep negativity away. Frankincense and Myrrh used
together (mentioned in the Bible as the gift brought to the Baby Jesus) are
metaphysically considered to be a protection against negativity as well as
positive vibrations.

I am in the process of going through and preparing music for a
CD called "Healing Sounds" that will have the kind of music to help lift you to
good things. One side will have music for four tunes and then the other
side will have music with my voice those same tunes for relaxing and affirmation
type thoughts.

The second CD will be for children and adults
(two levels).

They will both be on the website as soon as they are ready.

Thank you for all of your support when my mother was ill.
She passed the last day of October. She will be missed by many.
I was very happy to see that her close sister who had passed previously
had come to help her cross. She took my mother's hand and the next thing
I saw was them skipping away together and laughing. It was also very good
to see her enjoying herself and no longer bothered by
the problems she had to deal with in life.

Have wonderful holidays and good times with family.

Wising you Love, Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity,



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