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July Newsletter


Hope you are all enjoying at least part of the summer.
I am today sitting in the mountains and enjoying the good sun and
beautiful blue skies and actually wishing everyone could be enjoying
them, too. There seem to have been hard times for people lately, but I am
always encouraged and gladdened when I see others getting through
the hard times and courageously putting their lives back together
and moving forward. It reminds me that even though there have been snow
storms recently ( yes, even some weeks ago recently) and serious wind
and dust storms, that today we have blue skies. I am glad they showed up
for my mother's birthday :-)

I am so proud of so many of you. Through shifts in how companies and government
agencies are now doing things, you kept good thoughts and intentions and looked for
the best in others. The very act of doing this has showed very good results for you.
It was my pleasure to be able to encourage you in this.

I always try to find something to help you feel good about things and know
there are good things out there for you. When I was young and just learning
to be able to identify and connect with things that are not always easily identified
to everyone, I had a Cherokee Medicine Woman mentor who on a beauftiful
summer day like today was sitting out in her yard with me and told me to look up
at the clouds. When I did she pointed out a nice puffy cloud that looked like it had a
face in it. She told me that it was the exact kind of cloud that sometimes let you
see your guardian angel (sometimes referred to as spirit guides by some).
She told me to look at it more closely until more of the face became visible.
She then told me to keep looking and I would be able to see the body, too.
I kept looking and she was right, I could see the spirit she was speaking of.
That spirit shows up still today when I need help.

Many of you when you come to the office for a reading, or are getting one by phone,
ask me this same question. I always answer it the best I can. But I feel it is always very
good for you to find your spirit guide by yourself if you can because it will have more
meaning for you if you do. Please try this and e-mail me if you have been successul.
I am wishing you all big success in this because I know it is a time when we all need
all the help we can get and it is always good to create a relationship with a Guardian
Angel who is there to help when you need it.


We are currently dealing with the Sun in Cancer opposing Uranus in Capricorn.
Actually, this can be a very good time to start putting business situations in place
and doing research as well as connecting with future people you want to connecy
with concerning business. If a business idea has come to you recently, even if
you can't proceed fallout, at least make very detailed notes of what you thought
of so you can always go back to this. Some of what has been coming through
recently can be very helpful to your financial future.

Because you always like me to let you know,
Mercury goes retrograde again on August 20 in at 19' Virgo.
Mercury will go direct again September 12 at 5' Virgo.
So try to avoid things like weddings, beginning a job or partnership
you want to keep, or operations if not an emergency.


Because so many of you have expressed worry and concern about the Oil Spill
and asked me what I think should happen, I will give you my opinion.
In the U.S. we have many very good Naval Engineers who have had to study
for years the problems of how to deal with deep sea water and submarines
as well as other ships. We have Army engineers who know how to put large
structures under water carefully and successfully. I think we should have
immediately consulted these people who have had the knowledge we have needed
all along and am sure would be capable of and willing to help.


It is a good time to have extra information on things.
I am available as much as I can be for everyone now.
Just call for an appointment by phone or in the office.


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Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and the ability and
energy to start the new beginnings, friendships, and financial
associations we all need now and the courage and strength to
find them.


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